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Premium Honey Granola

300 g
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Description & Specification

Characteristics: A crispy and nutty combination of the most deluxe dried fruits and nuts complemented by nature’s best sweetener, honey, adding a rich aftertaste.

Source: This delectable, power-packed snack is a divine blend of the most exclusive, premium quality dried fruits that are sourced from the mountainous north of Pakistan.

Benefits: Consuming granola helps you lose those extra inches on the waist by filling your tummy with protein and Fibre rather than carbohydrates and Fat. It helps reduce bad cholesterol, prevents the risk of heart disease and enhances the intestinal flora

Granola is that special type of food that seems to always taste yummy. It's as good eaten on its own or when enjoyed with other foods (such as yoghurt or milk etc). Top it with fresh fruits, yoghurt or add milk. Be it any combination, a good spoonful of granola will leave your taste buds craving for more! And for those who feel snacky throughout the day, we suggest you munch on a jar of granola the next time instead of that slice of pizza. Your body will thank you later. Our granola is a crispy and nutty blend of the most premium dried fruits and nuts from the mountainous north of Pakistan that are chosen for their organic nature. This is complemented by the use of nature's best sweetener, honey, for a rich aftertaste that makes it sugar-free unlike other kinds of granola available.

This high protein, low-fat meal comes with ample health benefits. High-fibre foods, like the oats and whole grains found in granola, will have you feeling full and energized for the whole day, also helping reduce weight. Dried fruit and nuts contain antioxidants like vitamin E which can lower inflammation in the body. Seeds and nuts found in granola also help reduce and control blood sugar levels, particularly in people with obesity.

Reasons to love it:

• Health may come at a compromise in most cases, but not with our granola, whose healthiness is complimented by exceptional taste.

• It gives extra calories and protein during endurance sports, much like a trail mix.

• Granola improves blood pressure, reduces bad cholesterol (LDL) and blood sugar and had been found to increase levels of healthy gut bacteria.