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Premium Dried Apricots

400 g
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Size: 400 Gms

Description & Specification

With a dark orange hue, sweet taste and soft, juicy texture, our premium dried apricots are simply irresistible! Plump and moist, these mouth-watering fruits can satisfy your afternoon craving for a sweet treat – without the guilt!

Before being sent out for you to enjoy, these apricots undergo an extremely fascinating process known as sun drying. The apricots are cut into pieces and placed under sunlight, where they absorb the warmth of the sun for a period of 3 to 4 days, which helps to preserve the apricots while retaining their essential nutrients and flavor.

The velvety texture, chewy flesh and sweet tarty taste of this fruit can be relished in more ways than one can imagine. Eat them as they are or blend them into a silky puree, a dip or even a jam that can be spread on toast, pancakes, cakes and biscuits. It also brings life to a fruit salad and is excellent to prepare a dessert with. In India, khubanikameetha is a famous celebratory dish prepared using dried apricots.

As far as nutritional benefits are concerned, dried apricots are a concentrated form of vitamin A. It is essential in the body for healthy eyes and skin. Iron and niacin are also found in dried apricots which are needed for the normal functioning of your immune system and for unlocking energy from food respectively. And since it’s procured naturally, the fruit is given more time to grow, mature and develop a richer taste, without any need for preservatives.


Did you know?

It is said that Alexander the Great introduced apricot to Greece.

Most of the apricots that are produced in the US are actually from apricot seedlings that Spanish missionaries carried to the west coast.

In the US, there is something called National Apricot Day. It is observed on 9th of January every year.