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Premium Plain Cashews

480 g
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Size: 480 Gms

Description & Specification

With its soft golden hue, signature crescent shape and distinctive flavor, cashews are one of the most versatile nuts you’ll ever get your hands on. Their unique buttery sweet taste makes them a favorite of kids and adults alike.

Cashew nuts are originally from Brazil, where they have been seen as a delicacy for a long time. Satisfying as a snack, a topping, or when turned into delicious sauces and butter, the cashew is beloved all around the world for its versatility and its rich flavor. You surely must’ve had the joy of enjoying this nut in the form of a spicy korma or a sweet kaju barfi, both of which use kaju as one of the main ingredients.

With each serving of cashews, you harness incredible health benefits that set them apart from other nuts. Cashew kernels are jam packed with the body's essential vitamins, nutrients, protein and good monounsaturated fats. Cashews contain antioxidants and are low in sugar and sodium. With a high energy density and a large amount of dietary fiber, they are cholesterol free, all of which have a positive impact on weight loss. Munching a handful of cashews could fend off flu. Their elevated copper and iron levels strengthen the red blood cells and the immune system in the body.


Did you know?

Native to northeastern Brazil, the tree made its way to India by Portuguese sailors between 1560 and 1565.

Cashews are about 21% protein, 46% fat, and 25% carbohydrates.

In 2010, Nigeria was the top producer of cashew nuts, producing 650,000 tons.